RPS Pienpanimotasting

rsp panimo olut tasting

“We are her to make your Thursdays more tasteful and fun. Applies to other weekdays as well”

Our Brewmaster Aki wishes to produce tasteful but drinkable beer. Our beer is balanced, fresh and pure to the palette. And as we need a game in everything in life, our beer also can beat each other in different forms. In strength, freshness, body type, or else. Eventually the strength meets softness and cuddliness and is melted. You know the drill. #tastethegame

Kesto ja paikka

1,5 tuntia Intro Socialissa


RPS Rock Lager (4,7 %)

RPS Paper Rye Candy Red Ale (5,2 %)

RPS Scissors Indie Pale Ale (4,7 %)

RPS Rock Lime & Ginger Wheat Ale (5,5 %)

RPS The Lizzard Neipa (5,5 %)

RPS Tropical State Of Mind, Stout (5,0 %)


30 €/hlö

Maiju Huisman

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